Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy
Serving Pittsburgh since 1991
5141 Brightwood Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102

Our Services

Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is dedicated to offering the highest standard of physical therapy and rehabilitative services. As a specialty physical therapy clinic, all of your care is provided by a licensed physical therapist. Our expertise as physical therapy specialists work with you to develop an individualized recovery plan.

We will perform an evaluation of your condition or injury which may include muscle strength tests, joint motion tests, sensory and neurological tests, coordination tests, balance tests, flexibility tests, postural assessment and movement analysis.

Your therapist will then develop a treatment plan and goals and implement the appropriate plan of care for you to have a successful recovery.

Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is a family owned private practice. We pride ourselves that we are large enough to provide the finest rehabilitation equipment, the latest technologies, and superior physical therapy in combination of getting to know who you are and what makes you unique. Since 1991 we have been providing physical therapy services with excellent results to the South Hills community and beyond.

-Back/Neck Pain
-Joint Pain
-Sports Injury/Activity Specific Performance
-Orthopedic/Post-Operative Care
-Total Joint Rehabilitation
-ACL Rehabilitation
-Rotator Cuff Repair Therapy
-Auto/Work Injury
-Balance Training/Neurological Deficits
-Carpal Tunnel
-Arm/Leg Numbness and Tingling

We help each patient achieve the highest level of function by resolving pain, improving strength, mobility, balance, coordination, and body mechanics.

Recommended for: Back and neck pain, joint pain, general body aches and pain, arthritis, sports and orthopedic injuries, post-surgical recovery, post-fracture recovery, difficulty walking, restoration of physical limitation.

We believe strongly in patient education and the use of practical, effective physical therapy exercise techniques that are easy to maintain both at our facility and at home. We are happy to answer any questions you have along the way. Informed patients are empowered to make the most of their rehabilitation, so we will make sure that you are involved in the process.

What is the McKenize Method