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Joint Pain

Our trusted physical therapist serving Bethel Park, PA, you'll find relief from joint pain through a wide range of therapeutic healing services. Call us at (412) 227-9650 today!

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Joint Pain Management - Bethel Park, PA

Joint pain is a common problem, which has affected about 14 million people in the United States in 2014. It usually manifests as a constant or intermittent episodes of pain in the hands, feet, knees, spine or hips. Joint pain can severely impact your ability to function, especially when the pain radiates to other parts of the body. At Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy in Bethel Park, PA, you'll find relief from joint pain through a wide range of therapeutic healing services. Our expert physical therapist, Joe Agnello, PT can can help you make a full recovery and quickly return to your normal routine. To learn more about joint pain treatments at Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, schedule a consultation by calling the office today. 


FAQs on Joint Pain:

By Joseph Agnello, PT, Cert. MDT

Who is more likely to experience joint pain?

You will feel that your joints can feel stiff, sore and achy, usually in the morning, right after sleep. Sometimes, it can emanate as a burning or throbbing sensation on the joints as well. Following some movement and activity in the morning, the stiffness in your joints could loosen up and you might feel better, but too much activity could make the pain much worse. Joint pain usually occurs in those who: 

  • Were injured previously on a joint
  • At risk of arthritis or other chronic conditions
  • Muscle overuse
  • Suffer from depression, anxiety, and / or stress
  • Have age-related wear and tear on the joint, typically in middle-aged or older adults
  • Are overweight

What are the common causes of joint pain?

Joint pain can be caused by several medical and physiological conditions. It can be a result of the wearing away of the protective cartilage between the bones, due to regular wear and tear or excessive pressure or overuse of your joints. This happens typically while lifting heavy items or persistent athletic activity. An autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause swelling and pain the joints as well. A few other medical conditions like Gout, Bursitis or Tendinitis can cause joint pain as well. Above all, being overweight can add tension on the joints directly, which could trigger pain.

How can physical therapy help in managing joint pain?

Manual therapies and training offered at Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy can bring relief to your joint pain. The practice’s expert physical therapist, Joe Agnello, PT provides a wide range of treatments and manipulations to help you deal with joint inflammation, and increase mobility. He may use those treatments and manipulations to reduce inflammation, relieve the joint pressure, and improve nerve conduction. He will review your medical history and the physical ailment to determine the cause, and develop the appropriate pain management care plan to treat the afflicted area. 

What Can Be Done to Prevent Joint Pain?

Along with getting rehabilitation and physical therapy from Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, a person can do a few other things to mitigate and relieve themselves from future joint pain. Understanding the reason for the joint pain and taking proactive steps to change the root cause of the problem is the most efficient way to prevent future joint pain. For example, if the patient is suffering from pain due to obesity, losing the extra pounds certainly will help to reduce the amount of stress and pressure placed on the joints. If the cause of pain is due to a preventable injury, the patient can take precautions to avoid such situations in the future.

To stabilize the joints and improve the muscles’ strength and function, a person can start doing low-impact exercises, like walking, swimming or other aerobic exercises. Low-impact exercises helps in improving the joint’s mobility without irritating the joint area furthermore. Patients who exert themselves with strenuous physical or athletic activity might scale it back and shift to more aerobic exercises, coupled with some gentle stretching. It is strongly that you check with Joe Agnello before beginning or continuing any exercise program.

Relieve yourself from excruciating joint pain by getting quality professional care from Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy. We help people manage their joint pain with our hands-on one-on-one approach, so they can get back to their daily activities that they had previously enjoyed. Call our office or book online to schedule your appointment.