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Ortho Post Operative Care

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Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Bethel Park, PA

An orthopedic injury can be defined as a problem affecting the musculoskeletal system, usually caused by trauma, overuse or recent surgery for musculoskeletal injuries (bones, joints, muscles, and nerves), or even just old age. They may receive a recommendation from their doctor to receive orthopedic therapy as they are more susceptible to stiff muscles and reduced mobility. This usually causes inflammation or redness at the site of problem, which ultimately creates pain and decreased range of motion and mobility. Joe Agnello, PT and his team of experienced care professionals at Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy have a deep understanding of your needs after an orthopedic procedure and can offer many different treatments to help patients in and around the Bethel Park area regain their mobility.


FAQs on Orthopedic Post Operative Care:

By Joseph Agnello, PT, Cert. MDT

What is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy is the treatment of issues with the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons) like pain, limited mobility and range of motion. These treatments help patients who have difficulty moving due to injury or illness. The limited mobility can be the result of an accident, sports injury, a chronic condition, or a post-surgical occurrence. Patients usually have some kind of weakness that can be improved with specific targeted exercise workouts and activities to increase mobility, relieve pain and discomfort, and improve the overall physical function. The goal is to make it easier for you to rehabilitate your injuries and help you complete necessary, everyday tasks and activities.

What Are Some Common Orthopedic Injuries?

Since the human musculoskeletal system is so large and complicated, there are many different ways that it can be injured. If you play sports or are very active, your chances of suffering from pain are high, specifically like an ankle sprain, back pain, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, torn meniscus, ACL or MCL injuries, rotator cuff tears, or even a fracture. Some people are afflicted by medical conditions like scoliosis, spinal stenosis, bowed legs, plantar fasciitis and arthritis, and these respond well to orthopedic physical therapy as well. Also, due to certain circumstances outside of their control, like genetics or old age, few people are prone to orthopedic injuries. Some may get injuries like carpal tunnel or a herniated disc just by simply moving around and being active.

What types of treatments are included in orthopedic physical therapy?

Agnello Spine & Sports Physical Therapy provides a wide variety of therapeutic treatment options. Your highly trained and experienced therapists at Agnello’s can help your after an injury to regain a normal range of motion and reduce pain with orthopedic physical therapy. Your therapist will examine your problem and medical history and develop a customized treatment plan to suits your unique needs. You, as a patient, will be actively involved in all the rehabilitation and treatment planning, so we make sure you have complete visibility into the therapy you receive. The therapists will also work with you to set up goals and motivate you to work on it over time, with ultimate goal of rebuilding core strength and relearn how to perform certain physical tasks and movements.

Some orthopedic physical therapy services we offer to our patients include: 

  • Exercises regimens like stretching, lifting weights, walking, and aerobics to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. 
  • Manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and help you increase the range of motion and mobility, like massage, mobilization, and manipulation.
  • Education about postures, nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you reduce discomfort and prevent re-injury. This could involve using crutches for some time as well as making sure your home gives you a safe space if you have balance or strength issues or instructions on doing regular exercises at home.

Regardless of the type or severity of your injury, it is always advised to consult with our physical therapists at the Bethel Park office to see what treatments they recommend for you.

How will Orthopedic Physical Therapy help me?

Your physical therapists at Agnello’s target the body's posture and alignment to investigate the origin of your pain first and then help you relieve the associates issues while restoring movement and mobility. Their holistic hands-on one-on-one approach will motivate your body to heal quickly, and help you get back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible. In addition, you will also get expert advice on injury prevention through thoughtfully curated educational materials and resources. This will further explain the problems that affect you, while providing guidance, important tips and helpful recommendations on how you can avoid re-injuring yourself.

To learn more about our orthopedic physical therapy services and how our expert team can help you manage and overcome post-operative issues, chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders, call our Bethel Park office or book an appointment online.